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Learn Trading

Learn the best trading tips as a beginner.

As a beginner, you should avoid following:-

a Intraday Trading- What ever stocks you buy, should be done for delivery ie should be kept for some days for proper gain. As a beginner trader, you should avoid any short position in your portfolio.

b Future & Options- Generaly derivative trading is very risky, hence should be avoided by beginners. Derivative tarding i.e futures and options are good tools for portfolio heading and making great gains, but need to be learn propelry before investing

c Overleverage Position- Leverage position is always risky, as it can maximize your gain as well as loss ! A biginner trader should buy from his pocket only- buying more than your capacity or buying through loan is highly risky.

d Speculative Position- As a beginner, do not speculate on the basis of incomplete information or hurried call ! Invest properly with your advisors help and select stocks on the basis of fundamental informations therein
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Investing for long term is always beneficial ! If you buy a well researched stock based on proper fundamental research and hold it for 3-5 years, you will gain the most out of it ! History suggestes that a stock can deliver 20-30% per annum retruns if held for 5-6 years, like- Ranbaxy, Infosys, SBI etc There are lots of eye opening figures of Rs 1 lac becoming 1 crore in less than 10 years, if held strongly.

Only thing you need to take care in this case is portfolio rebalancing- you need to rebalance the protfolio from time to time in order to check your sectoral exposure and macro factors affecting those sectors. This means changing your sector weighatge on the basis of news and events favouring the respective sector. Check for our long term portfolio suggestion
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This requires smart and quick move ! A day trader needs to be perfectly informed through fast communication tools, like- SMS, E Mail, online chat etc. Herein you need to stricklty follow these rules :

  1. Always keep a stop loss on your trades

  2. Do not fight with the market, i.e do not hesitate from booking a loss if a stock is going down- also be quick enough to book the gain too !

  3. Mind it- flow with the stream i.e never face the falling knife ! The best way to win as a day trader is to buy on momentum and sell on momentum
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